Saturday, May 29, 2010

We're Having A Party

Circle This Date
May 29 - June 4

Time to toss confetti and blow those blowie things (horns? hooters? who knows?) for these guys, celebrating another 52 weeks on the planet...

May 29 - Danny Elfman, who scored everything from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1977) to Alice In Wonderland (2010) and leader of Oingo Boingo, born in 1953.
May 30 - Ted McGinley, TV utility player, who showed up in such beloved series as Happy Days, Married With Children and The Love Boat, born in 1958.
May 31 - Joe Namath, the arm of the New York Jets and best looking man in pantyhose, born in 1943.
June 1 - Ron Wood, of Rolling Stones and Birds fame, born in 1947.
June 2 - Jerry Mathers, now and forever known as the Beaver, born in 1948. (Yes, folks, Theodore Cleaver is 62.)
June 3 - Suzi Quatro, who shot to flame as Leather Tuscadaro on Happy Days, born in 1950. (Maybe she and Ted McGinley can celebrate together?)
June 4 - Parker Stevenson, the Hardy Boy who famously gave Kirstie Alley the big one, born in 1952.

Enjoy, y'all. After all, consider the alternative....

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