Saturday, May 15, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday

Circle This Date
May 15 - May 21

Need a reason to celebrate this week? Then check out these Boomer birthdays...and remember, we're not just getting older, we're getting better! (Ten points if you can ID that ad of our youth!)

May 15 - George Brett, baseball player and American League MVP of 1980, born in 1953
May 16 - Debra Winger, actress who was lifted up where we belong, born in 1955
May 17 - Bob Saget, daddy dearest of the "Full House" crew, born in 1956
May 18 - Rick Wakeman, rocker and Yes keyboardist, born in 1949
May 19 - Joey Ramone, one of the, duh, Ramones, born in 1951 (RIP 2001)
May 20 - Ronald Prescott Reagan, ballet dancer and Presidential son, born in 1958
May 21 - Al Franken, comedian, writer and exposer of lying liars, born in 1951 (oh, yeah, did we mention senator?)

Oh, and answer to the trivia question - that was Nice and Easy hair color. Proving once again that truth in honesty isn't a given. 

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